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2020 Summer Sailing Program


The goal of our program is to provide young sailors with a rich experience on the water. It is intended to enhance the sailors’ skills, provide a fun sailing environment, and to instill a lifelong love of sailing. Our program offers developmental opportunities in both single and double-handed boats at all levels. Whether its introducing your children to sailing or advancing your sailing skills, MBYC is the best summer sailing program value in town. Don’t miss out on all the summer fun!


Below you will find course descriptions and schedules to enroll your sailor in the Summer Program at Mission Bay Yacht Club:


2020 Registration Dates and Requirements

  • Membership

    • Mission Bay Yacht Club Membership is required to take summer classes

      • Junior Memberships available for summer ​

  • Feb 1 - Mar 25

    • Early Registration opens. All registrants will receive 10% off class fees. Enter EARLYBIRD at checkout

  • June 1

    • Last day to register for session 1 classes.​

  • June 15

    • First day of Summer Program

  • August 15

    • Last day of Summer Program​

  • Sabot/Laser Charters

    • If you do not own your own Sabot or Laser, charters are available from MBYC for $50 a week.​

  • Cancellations and Changes

    • All class changes will be accommodated based on class sizes and availability. Classes can be cancelled up to one week prior to the start of the class. Any cancellation after will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee. All requests must be submitted to

  • All credit card payments are subject to a $5.00 processing fee

  • Questions

    • If you have any questions regarding the MBYC Summer Sailing Program please email the Junior Sailing Office at​

Equipment Checklist

  • PFD (Lifejacket): US Coast Guard Approved, Type III. Brands like Extrasport and
    Soliquist are the most popular and comfortable. Fit is important, so please choose the appropriate
    size for THIS summer.

  • Sunscreen: Every sailor must have their own tube. The more protection the better. Ideally choose a waterproof variety that won’t hurt the eyes.

  • Hat: even better sun protection.

  • Sunglasses: important protection for the only eyes you have!

  • Water Footwear: Unfortunately, there will always be some sharp things on our beach. Cut
    feet are our #1 safety problem, so we’ll wear footwear at all times. Aquasocks or dinghy
    boots are better in the water than strap-on sandals.

  • Bailer: “Every sailor brings a bailer” which can easily be fashioned by cutting the bottom
    off of a big OJ or laundry soap jug.

  • Change of clothes: besides wearing clothes to get wet in, every sailor should have extra
    dry clothes.

  • Water: staying hydrated is important for a safe, fun, learning experience!

  • Lunch/Money: Please bring one or the other if you’ll be here over the lunch break. MBYC’s
    Snack Bar is famous for its great lunch! Unfortunately, we cannot offer refrigeration.
    Club charge accounts are accepted.

  • Good Attitude: Well rested, well fed, happy, and ready to HAVE FUN!

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the summer program and we look forward to seeing you sailing at MBYC this summer!