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March 01, 2020

Great practice opportunity for those prepping for MWW!

MBYC Bay Races: Lasers

March 08, 2020


March 14, 2020

BIG Sabot event for ALL!

March 20, 2020

A MUST for all our Race Team Lasers!

March 28, 2020

C420s @ SDYC

SCYYRA Perry Series 4/4

March 28, 2020

Sabots and Snipes @ MBYC

Earl Elms Regatta

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Welcome to

Mission Bay Yacht Club

Junior Sailing

This Week

with Team MBYC

  • After School Practices:

    • Wednesdays - CFJs and C420s​

    • Thursday - Beg/Int Lasers and O'Pen Skiffs

    • Friday - Beg/Int Sabot and Race Team

  • MBYC Sunday Bay Races - March 1st (Lasers)

  • MBYC WORK PARTY - March 7th!!

  • Daylight Savings on March 8th.

    • More sunshine for practices!!​

February 23, 2020

MBYC Sailor Lina on the WINNING Team!!

February 23, 2020

MBYC Sailors Ximena and Diego on the WINNING Team!

February 02, 2020

18 Sailors at our very first event!!

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Dec 31, 2019

Some photos from a great evening celebrating our SAILORS!

Oct 23, 2019

A must-read older but excellent article all about waves and how to ride them. By Ed Adams: Snipe, Laser and Star World Champion.

Oct 17, 2019

New to Sabot Racing or just trying to get your gear and kid organized? We get some fresh perspective from newer Sabot Mom, Adrienne Markworth, who put together this great list of what you need for any practice and/or regatta. Check it out!

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