High School Sailing Program

Welcome to the  High School Sailing program at Mission Bay Yacht Club. MBYC is proud to be hosting La Jolla High School,Mission Bay High School, and Olympian High School. Each of these teams have made great improvements in the quality of sailing and demonstrated significant improvement.  Heavy recruitment at middle schools is ensuring a highly qualified pool of sailors for the coming season, and beyond!

Our program investments include continuing to improve the quality of boats and storage, new coaching support, and investment in junior memberships for all high school sailors.  

MBYC high school boat charter and coaching fees remain the same for the 2017/2018 season. Charter fees will be $425 per sailor for the year. This also covers any non-High School charter activities such as afterschool / D-H program charter costs. Junior memberships for all High School sailors are $50 per year initiation and $19.00 per month.  Total monthly costs will be organized by the high school parent lead.

In an effort to keep our CFJ fleet in racing condition, we will be implementing a plan where each high school team will contribute two sessions of boat cleaning during the season. These sessions shall consist of a minimum of 10 sailors and a minimum of three hours. Parents are welcome to assist. The goal will be to wash and Teflon-seal the fleet. Each school will be assigned a two-month window, so that our hulls will be in great shape for competition throughout the season! Friday afternoons are a great day to schedule your work day so that no practices are sacrificed.  Boat cleaning works in tandem with the boat check in and check out procedures, ensuring all boats are matched with tiller, tiller extension, sail, and lines.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about High School sailing at Mission Bay Yacht Club. We’re looking forward to an excellent season and an exciting future in the development of sailing skills and life lessons for our young adults!

$450 Charter Fee for All Sailors

La Jolla HS -Tuesday & Friday

Mission Bay HS - Tuesday & Thursday

Olympian HS - Wednesday

MBYC provides the use of some assets and facilities during the school year for a number of San Diego-area sailing teams. The following represents a summary of policies and guidelines to be followed by the Junior Director and the Junior Coordinator guidelines shall be subject to Board of Director approval.

  1. The High School Sailing program is a privilege to the participants and their coaches. Participants and coaches shall at all times show the utmost respect of the boats, equipment, MBYC members and MBYC facilities.

  2. The Junior Director shall accept applications from a number of qualified teams that adequately fill the allotted time for practice during the week and high school regattas during selected weekends. The number of boats shall be assigned by the Junior Director to reflect an equal and fair distribution and usage by the number of teams whose applications have been accepted.

  3. Prior to accepting a team application, the Junior Director must first receive completed applications from all participants including, but not limited to: Assumption of Risk / Indemnity Agreement, Damage Waiver, High School Sailing Charter Boat Procedures and Motorboat Policies and Procedures.

  4. All sailors are expected to become MBYC Junior Members and shall have limited access to MBYC.

  5. MBYC access and use is limited to each team's individual participation and does not extend to participant family or friends.

  6. High School sailing team coaches shall be under the direct supervision of the MBYC Junior Sailing Director.

  7. The charter fee paid by each high school sailor covers use of the boat, sails and normal wear. Damage beyond normal wear such as that resulting from collision with other boats or during docking will be billed to the sailor(s) involved.