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MBYC Racing Team

The MBYC Racing Team is part of the Mission Bay Yacht Club Junior program. Members of the Team are MBYC Junior Sailors who are committed to competitive yacht racing. We hope you will find the program meaningful and exciting without being burdensome.  Those interested should come by the Junior Office to pick up the MBYC Jr Race Team Packet which includes:

  • Application – We want to make sure we have your current information.

  • Sailing Resume – This is part of the application, a reminder to coaches the types of sailing you’ve done in the past.

  • Sailing Goals – We want to understand what team members are interested in when designing clinics.

  • Acknowledgement of Code of Conduct – Every sailor should be familiar with the club rules under which they are sailing.

  • Event Minimum – All members can go to an event, team members should commit to a season.  This has a natural fit with setting goals.

  • Club Events – All team members should make a special effort to attend all club events.

Your coaching staff is eager to improve the partnership between coaches and sailors at MBYC.  Look for the following benefits for team members:

  • Better individual event feedback – directly related to goals!

  • Roster – make sure you know how to contact your team mates.

  • 1:1 Goals review – at least 1x per year, more available upon request

  • Team Gear! - Shop team shwag at our online store!

 Pick up your Race Team packet in the Junior Office, fill out the forms and return to the MBYC Junior Program Office.

MBYC Racing Team Application Form

Sailor Goals Sheet

Sailor's Code of Conduct

SDAYC Liability Form

Disciplinary Actions

If you have any questions regarding your application or the Team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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