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Mission Statement

The MBYC junior program was established in 1962 and over the years has produced many talented sailors. Our mission is to:

  • Introduce young people to the sport of sailing and encourage their progress

  • Foster a spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship among our members

  • Provide quality coaching to our novice and advanced sailors alike

  • Guide our racers to the highest level of excellence in competition at the national and international levels

  • Teach our sailors to respect and follow the yacht racing rules

  • Encourage each sailor to set and achieve his or her own personal goals

  • Inspire each sailor to represent the Mission Bay Yacht Club with honor and dignity

  • Have fun!

Mission Bay Yacht Club currently has more then twenty-five Naples sabots, eight 420s, fifteen CFJs, fifteen O'Pen Skiffs and two Lasers. These boats are available to all MBYC junior sailors who treat the boats with respect and give notice several days prior to the Junior Director.

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