After School Sailing

The Mission Bay Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program offers year round sailing for all skill levels and boat types. The Junior Program runs the after school program September through May. Classes are run weekly Wednesday - Friday from 3 pm to 5:30 pm.

Class Days:

  • Wednesday - Double-handed (CFJ, C420, 29er)

  • Thursday - Beginning Lasers and Open Bic's

  • Fridays - Advanced Lasers, Beginning Sabots, Beginning Racing Sabots, and Advanced Sabots


Please read the class descriptions below to see what class work best for your sailor. Class cost is $35 per sailor per day sailed. All sailors enrolled in classes must be current members of MBYC. To get membership information, please click here.

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Class Descriptions

Beginning Sabots
  • The Beginning Sabots class is a course designed for kids that are between the ages of 7-12 and are first time sailors. This class is focused on fun and learning and is intended to introduce the kids to the sport of sailing. Students will learn all of the termonigoly as well as how to get around on the water.
Beginning Sabot Racing 
  • The Beginning Sabot Racing course is designed for students that have sailed and feel comfortable in a Sabot. They will learn how to sail around a course and learn about how to tack and jibe correctly, as well as learn more about the wind and how it shifts. This is a great course for all kids that have an interest in racing and becoming an official
    Mission Bay Yacht Club Team Member
Advanced Sabot Racing
  • This our most advanced Sabot class we have to offer. This class is designed to get sailors ready for all of the major events thruout the school year. Sailors will be put to the test with rigorous on the water drills, classroom discussions, and informative land drills.
Double-handed Sailing
  • The Double-Handed Sailing course is designed for kids between the ages of 12-17. This is a course designed to teach students how to sail a double-handed boat, which has two sails and is 15 feet long. The class is focused on teaching the students how to sail and generally incorporates racing in the class.
Advanced Laser Racing
  • The Advanced Laser Racing class is geared towards the high level Laser sailor. This is coached by Doug Hart. Sailors will have extensive ocean training daily as well as classroom discussions.
Beginning Laser Racing
  • This class is designed for students interested in learning the basic and intermediate techniques of sailing a Laser. This boat is the perfect transition from smaller Sabot to the much bigger Laser. In this class we will instruct the students on all the basics of the boat as well as boat handling, rigging, and an introduction to racing. The MBYC Junior’s have a limited amount of charter Lasers available, so having your own boat is recommended.
Adventure Sailing
  • Students need to have taken beginning Sabots before enrolling in this class. This class is all about having fun and learning on and off the water. The recommended age for this class is 8-14. During the class students will learn all aspects of sailing, knot tying, navigation, local bay information, and much more. Various boats will be sailed e.g. FJ, 420, O'Pen BIC, Capri 22 etc.

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