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Summer Regattas Write-Ups

Summer Regattas Write-ups

It was a great summer for the 2012 MBYC Racing Team. Please read below to see all of the great accomplishment from the past month's regattas:

Junior Olympic Festival

Mission Bay Yacht Club junior sailors made a strong showing at this year’s regional Socal Junior Olympic Regatta, hosted by California Yacht Club on the weekend of July 14th – 15th. Also serving as this year’s National Championship, the 32 boat 420 fleet could not have been more competitive. The top 3 finishers overall were only separated by 1 point each!

Getting to the front pack early, Matt Hecht and crew Francesca Cappellini sailed a very consistent regatta, finishing 3rd overall! Returning from his college studies at Stanford, Kevin Laube and crew Yuri Namikawa finished 9th with a nice bullet on Saturday. Max Brill and crew Abe Dearden sailed fast, and with a couple top 5 finishes placed 11th overall.

In the 6 boat 29er fleet Team MBYC was represented by Cole Baker and Steven Leuck. This pair has been working hard at training all summer and had great breakthroughs on the water, finishing 5th.

CFJ National Championship

On the weekend of July 27th – 29th over 70+ CFJs descended upon Balboa Yacht Club to compete in this year’s CFJ Junior Nationals. Standard Newport conditions were in full force, with the breeze taking forever to build each morning and never peaking out at more than 10~ kts. Team MBYC was represented by 2 boats, and in the light yet choppy conditions, challenges were faced by all competitors.

With relatively consistent finishes in the variable winds, duo Ryan Hopps and Ryan Ratliffe placed 16th overall in the 72 boat fleet. Cole Baker, sailing with Jack McGraw had a nice bullet in the final race, placing 24th overall.

SCYYRA Dick Sweet Team Race Series

On Monday, July 30th Newport Harbor Yacht Club hosted this year’s final Dick Sweet Team Race Series. Throughout the summer, Southern California Yacht Clubs sent their best teams to compete in short course, 3 on 3 Sabot Team Racing at 3 different venues. Team MBYC has been training hard and it is starting to show, with unprecedented results including a 19 and 2 overall championship win including 2 undefeated sets!

This year’s team was comprised of Cole Baker, Ryan Ratliffe, Max Brill, and Ian Brill. Good communication and organization on the water, combined with unbeatable boat speed helped team MBYC sail to the gold.

Junior Sabot Nationals

On the week of August 6-9th Alamitos Bay Yacht Club hosted this year’s annual INSA Sabot Nationals. This is the pinnacle event of the year for many Sabot sailors as they train all summer long to do as best they can against tough competition. Team MBYC was represented by 14 sailors, each qualifying for a different flight to compete in separately.

In the Sabot Gold fleet, Max Brill sailed an almost impeccable regatta, including a bullet on the final day, placing 1st with just 11 points. MBYC has not taken home this trophy in 22 years; its previous MBYC holder was Bill Hardesty. Ryan Ratliffe sailed very consistently, and with paramount boat speed and good upwind tactical decisions finished 4th with 25 points. Fresh onto the scene is Sam Merson, who placed an amazing 8th by using solid starting approaches and getting off the line clean. Cole Baker had some consistent finishes and nice pin starts, helping him place 10th overall. With extremely consistent finishes Ian Brill had a very successful 2nd day, totaling 63 points for an overall 14th place finish.

In the Sabot Silver fleet, Abe Dearden sailed fast and worked on upwind tactics, with a nice 2nd place finish to end the first day, ended 8th overall with 54 points. Cary Perket had good starting approaches and also finished with 54 points, and after the tiebreaker placed 9th.

In the Bronze division, Willem Perry sailed fast and had consistent finishes, placing 5th. Jeremy McCulloch had a nice 2nd place finish to start Thursday, and using good upwind boat speed placed 9th. Nick Aline had good upwind boat speed and had a nice 3rd place finish on Wednesday, placing 13th overall. Max Karmel had a decent 5th place finish on Wednesday and with good downwind positioning placed 20th. Jake Karmel sailed fast upwind, even blasting underneath weather boats and placed 29th.

In the Iron Division Ava Dorvillier battled inconsistent finishes, however with good starts had a 2nd and 3rd, leading to a 6th place finish overall. Diego Escobar sailed fast, had fun, and learned a ton on the way to his 30th place finish.

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