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Heading into 2019 with Jr Commodore Diego...

We asked Jr Commodore and top Team MBYC sailor Diego Escobar to talk to us about his plans going into 2019 and other stuff...

Team MBYC: You are currently at the Laser US Championship in Ft Lauderdale, Florida racing Radials. How's it going?

Diego: I am currently sitting in 13th of 85 with two days still left of racing. This event has been extremely challenging due to the level of competition brought by Olympic hopefuls and past olympians, as well as the top youth talent, from several nations who are competing alongside me in this thrilling regatta.

Team MBYC: As one of our top sailors at MBYC, what is it you're planning and looking forward to in 2019 as far as sailing goes? Goals? Travel? Do you have any New Year's resolutions related to sailing?

Diego: Looking onward into 2019 I am nothing but excited at what lies ahead. I see myself with multiple challenges, daunting but nonetheless thrilling, that I will work hard to overcome. Amongst these, my goals include defending our national championship on the Point Loma High School Sailing Team, "campaigning" to place at the Snipe Junior World Championship (in Brazil!), and to be among the top 5 youth in the US Laser fleet by the end of the summer. While these are some pretty big feats I need to work towards to, I have set some resolutions for the new year to guide me in the right direction:

#1. Steer with purpose- Caleb Paine told me this not too long ago at a clinic I did in San Francisco in regards to downwind technique, however I have come to apply it to my attitude towards sailboat racing as a whole. That is, everything I do must have a purpose and my effort must be at 100% in all racing I do in order to get the most value and reward out of it.

#2. Only look forward- I used to have a tendency to dwell on my past results for better or worse and let it dictate my outcome, however I have come to realize that that mindset was wrong and I have made it my mission to not use them as a gauge to who I currently am as a sailor.

#3 Enjoy it- I find that the best regattas I have are when I don't let my mindset distract me and I simply enjoy the moment, so I will enjoy it as much as I can!

Team MBYC: Also, a really quick synopsis of CISA Clinic and why one should apply.

Diego: I highly recommend you apply to the CISA clinic as it is the opportunity of a lifetime to train against quite literally the nations best youth talent as well as being coached by some established sailing legends. For me, one week at CISA taught me what would've taken me half a year to learn. Also its a really fun time to get make friends from all over the country.

Team MBYC: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Diego. We are excited to follow you in your adventures this year!

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