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Team MBYC News and Upcoming Events

It was an absolutely EPIC weekend at MBYC for the final event of the 2019 SDAYC Luff-In Series! Team MBYC had 26 sailors on Saturday for the Singlehanded Luff-In and 24 on Sunday for the Doublehanded/ O'Pen Skiff Luff-In. We had NEW racers in EVERY fleet: Sabots, Radials, C420s, CFJs and O'Pen Skiffs, AND came away with top 3 trophy winners in EVERY fleet of the OVERALL SERIES!

Next up is the PCISA Girls Invitational, Oct.19-20. We have several of our girls sailing for their High School teams and wish them the best of luck!

After that we have the MBYC Junior Commodore's Regatta, Nov. 2-3. This is also part of the SCYYRA North Series for our Sabot A fleeters. As this major event is right here at home, we hope to see ALL levels of our Sabot and Laser racers sailing and look forward to hosting a fantastic event. Please register asap so we can coordinate coaching and other needs.

After School Practice is where skills are developed and friendships are made. Join us Wednesdays, Thursdays and/or Fridays. More info HERE.

For more photos from the Luff-In weekend and links to upcoming events, visit our website at

Final 2019 SDAYC Luff-In Results

Sail fast and have fun,

Aine McLean

Jr Communications Director


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