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SDAYC Luff-In #3 @ MBYC

MBYC hosted the third and last of the 2018 SDAYC Luff-In Series. There were so many highlights, it's hard to know where to begin! Saturday was the "Singlehanded" race day with Lasers and Sabot A/B/C1 out in the bay, while Sabot C2/C3 raced in Chicken Cove. Our Tower Crew lead by Hugh Vanderspek with Johnny Miller and Julie Colbourne, did a terrific job of keeping the kiddos close to the line and encourage them right through the finish. We are especially proud of our newest Team MBYC members Santi, Jett and Evan who sailed their very first regatta! Taking home trophies from our Chicken Cove sailors were Paige, 3rd in C2 and Luke 2nd in C3. Great job!

Outside on the big course, with RC lead by Dave Tillson along with Todd Henderson and Turgut Derman, we saw Cole jump in for his first Laser regatta and win, with teammates Garrett and Matthew coming in 3rd and 4th. In A fleet, Marleigh medaled 3rd, winning 2 of the 6 races, while our young A fleeters continue to show growth in this competitive fleet made up of mostly teenagers. It takes strength of character to compete against kids older and more experienced, but our kids remain enthusiastic and will surely be a force to be reckoned with as they mature. Oakley and Ben were 2nd and 3rd in the B fleet, each winning a race for the day. In C1 Lina took the fleet with Allie coming in 3rd. Well done Team!

Sunday was "Doublehanded" day with O'Pen Bics also in the mix. The Bics were the largest fleet of the regatta with 19 boats! Team MBYC drove the fleet with 11 being our own sailors. Shane put on an impressive show taking straight bullets for what we call the "picket fence". Also medaling in the top 5 were Owen in 2nd, Efe in 4th and Sarah in 5th. The fleet is definitely excited and looking good going into this weekend's ESS Pre-Game Show event where we'll have 47 Bics on the line!!

In the CFJ Fleet, brothers Garrett and Patrick also took the win with a picket fence for their scoreline! It was also great to have Matthew and Amelia teamed up and improving with every race. The newly revamped 29er fleet, Cole teamed up with Oakley, both of them racing these boats for the first time and I don't think they were EVER not smiling!

Thanks to all our volunteers this weekend: Dave, Turgut, Todd, Holly (registration/check-in), Darnelle (scoring), Hugh (the voice of God), Johnny, Julie and Judy (photographer extraordinaire). Without your help, the weekend could not have gone so smoothly and been so successful.

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