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Team MBYC qualifies TWO teams for the Snipe World Championships!!

32 Snipes representing 9 different countries raced for three days 2.5 miles off Point Loma in the North American Championships which were also qualifiers for the Snipe Worlds and the Pan Am Games. Team MBYC had both juniors and coaches racing in this top level competition. Coaches out there were Doug, Cragan and Aine, while Juniors out there were Marianna, Diego, Cole, Oakley and Ben. Doug and Cragan finished 3rd and qualified for the Snipe Worlds while maybe even more impressively, Diego and Marianna finished 6th overall and qualified for the Junior Worlds! We love seeing our junior sailors out competing in different boats when they can. This not only enhances their overall race skills, but really gets them exposed to our sailing friends from around the world.

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