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2012 Junior Invitational

MBYC Rocks the Junior Invitational Regatta!

On the weekend of Jan. 14th San Diego Yacht Club hosted this year’s Junior Invitational Regatta, with an outstanding attendance of almost 90 boats! Light to non-existent winds plagued the course for most of Saturday morning, with the winds filling in abruptly before the end of the day to squeeze in a couple races. Sunday’s wind was more bearable, and Team MBYC sailors prevailed by making smart tactical decisions in the shifting breeze. Prevailing in the challenging conditions, Team MBYC managed to take 1st and 2nd place over all in the Sabot “A” fleet. Way to go!

With 4 bullets Max Brill took the “A” fleet, tossing only a 3rd place. Right on his heels in 2nd was Cole Baker, earning himself a bullet as well. Ryan Ratliffe found the passing lanes downwind and placed 8th in the almost 30 boat fleet. Ian Brill sailed fast and placed a great 18th. Abe Dearden, a new addition to the competitive “A” fleet, had consistent finishes and placed 23rd.

Showing improvement s in boat speed, Sam Merson sailed to very consistent finishes in the Sabot “B” fleet, and placed 10th.

With every race mid – fleet or better, Willem Perry led our “C1” Fleet with a 9th place victory!

Team MYBC was represented by 3 sailors in the “C2” fleet. Cary Perket Sailed fast and placed 4th. Max Karmel made good tactical decisions and finished 9th. Hot on his heels was Jeremy McCulloch with some great races, placing 10th.

Congratulations to Ryan Austin for placing 3rd in the “C3” division, as well as Jake Karmel for getting a 3rd place finish in the first race, placing 12th overall.

Our sailors stayed focused during the long mornings while we waited for the breeze to fill in, and were ready to face the challenges of ever changing breezes in the afternoon.

Great sailing!

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