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Junior Program Update April - May

Upcoming Events

As you can see the next couple of months are quite busy. Please look below to see the upcoming regattas:


4/13-4/16 CISA Advanced Race Clinic CFJ, L, LR, C420, I420, 29er ABYC

4/20-4/21 PCISA Pacific Coast Championship Gold High School CFJ CBYC

4/20-4/21 PCISA Pacific Coast Championship Silver High School CFJ Sausalito YC

4/27-4/28 PCISA Team Race Pacific Coast Championship High School CFJ MBYC


5/4 Joe Sabot RegattaNSabot CorYC

5/10-5/12 Mallory Cup High School Nationals Chicago YC

5/18 SDAYC Double handed Luff-In #1 C420, CFJ, 29er CalYC

5/18-5/19 Skiff Fest / Hamlin Series 4/4 29er SBYC

5/19 SDAYC Double handed Luff-In #2 C420, CFJ, 29er CalYC

5/24-5/26 Baker Team Race High School Nationals DIYC, Tampa, FL

Spring After School Sailing

Registration is still open for the 2013 Spring After School Sailing Program. Daily rates are available for $30 per class until May 31st. Please read below to see all of the options we offer:

Beginner/Advanced Double-handed class: The Beginning/Advanced Double-Handed course is designed for our learn to sail and advanced racing sailors. This class focuses on all areas of sailing and is taught by one of our most advanced coaches. This class is designed for ages 12 -17 (including High School sailors) and is a very informative course.

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Laser class: This class is designed for students interested in learning the basic and intermediate techniques of sailing a Laser. This boat is the perfect transition from smaller Sabot to the much bigger Laser. In this class we will instruct the students on all the basics of the boat as well as boat handling, rigging, and an introduction to racing. The MBYC Junior’s have a limited amount of charter Lasers available, so having your own boat is recommended.

29er Racing Class: This class is designed to improve all aspects of 29er sailing. We will be going over all the proper techniques, all the tips, and how to properly rig the boat. (There are not charter boats available for this class)

Beginning Sabots: The Beginning Sabots class is a course designed for kids that are between the ages of 7-12 and are first time or former summer sailors. This class is focused on fun and learning and is intended to introduce the kids to racing at the end of the course.

Advanced Sabots class: This class is the most advanced Sabot class that we have to offer. In this class students will learn the technical aspects of sailing along with doing video work. There will be classroom talks about strategy and mechanics prior to going on the water every day. Students are expected to compete in multiple regattas as well as weekend clinics.

The format for the after school program: 2:30pm - 3:25pm Arrive and rig boats 3:25pm - 3:35pm Classroom discussion 3:35pm - 5:00pm On the Water Drills 5:00pm - 5:15pm De-rig Boats 5:15pm - 5:30pm De-brief on drills If you have any questions regarding the MBYC After School Sailing Program, please contact the Junior Sailing Office.

2013 Summer Sailing Program

Registration is now open for the 2013 MBYC Summer Sailing Program. Classes are filling up quick so make sure to sign up soon. We will be offering the same classes as in the past with a couple of new programs as well. Classes range from learn to sail classes to specialized racing modules for Sabots, Lasers, CFJ's, C420's, and 29er's.

Please CLICK HERE to see our 2013 summer brochure as well as class dates and fees. All participants must be members of MBYC as well as fill out all of the required documents (all on junior website). If you have any questions regarding the 2013 Summer Program, please contact the MBYC Junior Sailing Office.

MBYC Opening Day

Be sure to come down on Opening Day at MBYC on Saturday, April 20th. Opening Day is the official beginning of our Club's sailing season. It is a big celebration with a lot of visitors, great food, music and a big boat raft-up. The Opening Day Ceremony starts at 11 a.m.

Part of the MBYC Opening Day Tradition is the Junior Burgee Race which starts immediately after the Opening Day Ceremony. At the sound of a cannon shot, Sabot sailors waiting on the swim/picnic beach, jump in their boats, sail downwind around a mark located just off the Clubhouse and sail back to the beach. First sailor to run up the beach and grab the Club Burgee from the Commodore is the winner of the Burgee!

The Junior Burgee Race will start at approximately 11:45 a.m. The race is free, very brief and fun.

We want to show everyone how big our MBYC Junior Program is - therefore I am encouraging all Sabot Sailors "C-3" to "A" racers to participate. Please arrive at 10 am to rig your boat for all of the activities for the fun day ahead. Let's have at least twenty Sabots on the beach. If you have any questions, please contact the MBYC Junior Sailing Office

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